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Library lab

Prototyping applications that enhance the use of public libraries

A prototype is a draft. It explores how something could work, look, and function. This space is to build a community around digital library prototypes.

  • List ideas that could be developed and shared
  • Find people that can fill any skills gaps
  • Collaborate on work to develop prototypes into demonstrable applications

A photo of a labrador puppy

A lab looking mega excited! Photo “Labrador-Puppy” by tyleruk2000 is licensed with CC BY 2.0.


  1. Prioritise accessible services, data ethics, and privacy in tech solutions
  2. Consider real problems faced by the public using physical public libraries, and support library staff
  3. Ensure everyone with an interest can contribute without barriers
  4. Involve people from all areas of interest of public libraries
  5. Ensure data is freely available for all as open data
  6. Develop prototypes following standards of coding in the open